Tuesday, May 5, 2020

swimwear sale picks

Yesterday I showed some of my favorite bathing suit sale finds for my kids. They suddenly all grew in the past month and were in need of new suits, especially Jules and Jacks. I was excited to find so many good sales at some of my favorite stores. I was on the hunt for cute rash guards for all three of the kids and needed some cute and easy sandals. sharing my finds below.

s h o p   l o o k   b e l o w : 

s h o p   l o o k   b e l o w : 

C O T T O N   O N   K I D S  

30% off everything

My go to store is Cotton On kids, especially for Jacks. Im pretty picky when it comes to him and love neutrals. I know I can always find that here.  It can get price but you can't beat their sales.  I love that they have such a huge range in sizes which means I always find matching outfits. They have the cutest, hip, fashionable prints and clothing styles and always carry rash guards during the summer. They are also my go to for their inexpensive sandals. One of my favorite summer pieces I got from them a few years ago was their pull on hooded towel. They come in handy on pool and beach days. I grabbed them each one of those too. 

I got the girls a 5 & 7 and Jacks a 4. I would say they run pretty true to size. 

m y   f a v o r I t e   s u i t s   +   a c c e s s o r i e s 

O L D  N A V Y + G A P

Old Navy- most swimwear is already on sale + 10% off at checkout

Gap- 40% off everything with code GAPFRIEND + an extra 20% off with ALLYOU

grabbed quite a few pieces from here because that GAP sale was too good! Old navy also had some cute towels including that tie dye hooded unicorn. My girls are so excited for those.

 J . C R E W

60% off swimwear

I don't typically shop here for clothing but always look here for accessories. They always have cute hair accessories and most of the girls purses are from here. They also always have cute rash guard suits. 

h e r e   a r e   m y   f a v o r i t e s 

Z A P P O S 
 For the longest time I had no clue that they even carried anything other than shoes. If I can't find something or find something I love and want to find it at a cheaper price I look here. There was this daisy suit that I loved from J.Crew that was sold out and I found it here! Also found the brand Tiny Tribe that I love for Jacks. I love the look of all their pieces and are totally our style.

L O V E . L O V E . L O V E

more cute sale and non sale finds

g i r l s

b o y s


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