Tuesday, August 11, 2020

free school printables

Well, here's the start of our virtual/homeschool school room. Jules will be doing virtual through her school and I decided to homeschool Kourt before she heads off to kindergarten next year. I shared these pictures on instagram and I  I've gotten the most messages ever over these days of the week printables than anything I've ever shared before. The were a diy and  I had so much fun making these for my kids. Thank you so much for the sweetest messages about them. As promised, here they are... Enjoy! 

d a y s  o f  t h e  w e e k 

a l  h a b e t  +  n u m b e r s 

s h a p e s 

please pin if you love and use them:


  1. did you just find wood at the hardware store?

  2. Is there a way to print wihtout the headings too? when I click on them the image has the "homme, about me, contact, and instagram" at the top. Thanks!

  3. I love these printables! For some reason I am not able to get the sheet with the days Sunday to Wednesday full size. I can click on the others and make them bigger to save but not that one for some reason.

  4. I also cannot print the Sunday-Wednesday sheet. Also, I have two boys I want to use this with, can we get a black and grey version similar to the shapes and letters please?

  5. Thanks so much for this. Having the same issues as everyone above