Tuesday, November 10, 2020

8 yr old birthday gift guide

EIGHT! How? Why? I thought for sure I wasn't fit to shop fir a big, eight year old but these gifts were a hit! By far, my little artists favorite gift was the art cart my sister and I put together for her. You can see more of it here. Art supplies were at the top of her list. This was the first year that she didn't ask for too many toys other than a few that she asked her grandparents for. I'll share them all below. 

Bike- The cutest big girl bike. She learned how to ride a bike without training wheels this summer and was in need of the next size. She had this bike and we loved it so much. It was awesome and we will save it for Kourtney. The only request Jules had for a new bike was that it was pink and had a basket. I love the color and stye of the new one.  We have it set on the lowest seat setting and she reaches the floor with her tippy toes. We went with the 20 inch and it's the perfect size for her to grow with.

unicorn onesie - She is so into these. I got her this one and later found this white one so ordered that for Christmas. Her grandma also got her the matching robe. 

iPad case- I just got a new phone case in that exact print and she wanted the same for her iPad. I would link the one we got but the photo quality was terrible and I don't recommend. 

beanie - loved this one and might have gotten the girls every color as Christmas gifts. You can't beat $5!

Mouse- If you're following us on instagram you know we are mouse house obsessed. Jules and I decided to tackle the project of revamping her dollhouse and went on the hut for some cute "people" to live in there. She ended up stumbling upon these mice and it has proven to be the most expensive little obsession ever. But they so cute! These little guys add up so we have been gifting her and Kourtney one each birthday and plan on adding more as Christmas gifts so they can have a little family of mice. 

slippers- So cute and come in a ton of different colors. 

Easel- LOVE this table top easel. I had a hard time finding full standing easels because they were all sold out and not available until after Christmas. I wanted something with storage on the bottom for paper and supplies and couldn't find exactly what I liked. My sister is the one that suggested just getting this one and getting a rolling cart to go with it. It was the perfect idea and it all kinda spiraled from there. This easel is made from metal and surprisingly heavy. Its super sturdy and the perfect size to store away when we need. I really love that we can also put it on our dining table or move it to our back patio. We ended up spray painting it pink to match the cart. Biggest hit! Kourt is 5 and loves it just as much as Jules. So good for any age. 

Dress- We always gift the girls a "fancy" dress on their birthday that they wake up to. This one is still 40% off!

Locket- I didn't include this on the image above but this is a gift that she really loved. I added a picture of our dogs in it and she almost cried when she opened it up. I shared how I added the picture on my instagram

L.O.L dolls- Not on her list but Kourt wanted to go shopping for Jules and picked these out. They are perfect for birthday girls! Jules loved them. 

Here are a few other gifts that she got from her aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas that she really loved. 

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