Monday, November 2, 2020

Birthday art cart

At the top of Juliannes birthday list was art supplies like her grandpa and uncle have. They are artist so they have all the super cool things that they let her use when she visits. She really wanted was an easel and   canvases. Who knew easels were so hard to find. All the ones that I liked had some sort of built in storage but they were all on backorder until after Christmas. I ended up finding a table top one made with a metal frame that I really liked. I loved that it was easier to store away if we needed and something that we could fit on our dining table or easily pull outside to do some art. From there it kinda all spiraled like all my ideas usually do. I knew I wanted something to store all her supplies in so I found the cutest pink cart, decked it out with some glittery stickers, and filled it with all the girly art supplies from scented markers, to rainbow washiest tape and canvas aprons that we are going to deck out in tie dye and iron on patches. I also added a few things that we already had like paints. I love the little target acrylic paints. She loved it all! This would make such a cute gift for kids of all ages. Jules is 8, Kourt just turned 5 and she has really enjoyed using it with her sister, and I'm 34 and I dug into that cart with her. You could be never too old or too young to love some good art supplies. 

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