Sunday, November 15, 2020

3 Year old boy Christmas gift guide

s h o p  b e l o w :
Jacks is so easy, give him some superheroes and giant monster trucks and he's happy. That is literally all he asked me for. He wanted Super Wing toys, a Spiderman, superheroes, and more superheroes. 

VANS- love this color combo so much. Also like these Nikes and these Adidas

WALKIE TALKIES- I ordered him this exact pair to put in his stocking. They have a super fun flashlight built in. Jason was pretty excited about these. 

GUITAR- We have two of these and love them! They are the perfect size for little hands and such a great starter guitar if your little one is wanting to learn. Plus they come in a ton of different colors. 

STRETCHY SPIDERMAN- Jacks loves these things. They are like the new version of a stretch Armstrong. Do you remember this? Another good stocking stuffer. 

WOODEN BATMAN AND ROBIN- I love these peg dolls. All my kids really enjoy playing with these. 

JACKET- Had to include Jacks so he can match his sisters. I will be coordinating them until they don't allow me to anymore. I got this this jacket and these patches. You can see the ones I go the girls here and here. 

SOFTEE DOUGH- Dough and Toys Story? Major win!

PENNANT- I have a thing for pennants in a boys room. We started his little collection last year and can't wait to add this custom one to it. Love how simple and clean this one looks. 

SHARK ROBE- His sisters love walking around the house in their unicorn robes and he is always feeling left out, little brother problems. So he is going to love this!

SLIPPERS- He is still obsessed with all things Toy Story. I came across these on an ad a few days ago and ordered them asap. They have a ton of different Disney characters from princess Belle to a few Monsters Inc. characters. I had the hardest time picking between the Woody and Buzz. 

MONSTER TRUCK- He saw this at Target the other day and cried because I wouldn't but it for him. He loves the Monster truck show, Blaze and the Monster Machines. 

MOUSE- If you follow us on instagram you know all about our mouse dollhouse adventures. I basically re-decorated a dollhouse for the girls and bought all these little mice for the girls. He LOVES this house just as much as the girls so I wanted to surprise him with his very own little super hero mouse! 

TREE HOUSE- I am so excited about this! Call me crazy but I am going to give this cute little tree house a mini superhero makeover, so he can have his very own house to play with. I plan on painting the inside all white and adding a skyscraper scene. I even found this mini bat signal that lights up. I went back and forth on what superheroes he should use. I was set on getting all the little peg dolls that I linked above but he is starting to really love LEGO's. Then I found this set and it kind of just spiraled from there. I loved that these LEGO sets come with mini pieces of "furniture" that I can put inside the treehouse. I got this Batman set, and his grandma ordered this Spiderman set to go with it too. I AM SO EXCITED!!! This Target treehouse is also an option. This was my first pick but it was sold out and I thought it was sold out for good. I ended up finding the Crate & Kids one and fell in love with it. It is bigger so there's more play space for his guys and the lego sets. I also like that the roof comes off.  Plus it reminds me more of a Little Rascals treehouse that I think just screams rugged, wild, boy. Which is so Jacks. 

LEGO SUPERHEROES- Here are the lego guys I ordered him, Spider man, Flash, Superman, and this Batman set comes with Batman, his boat, and the Penguin. I also ordered this Duplo set that comes with Robin, The Joker, and a Lego Bat mobile. The Duplo sets are perfect for three year olds. It some with less pieces to assemble and pieces are larger and easier for little hands to put together. 

Here are a few more savories

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