Thursday, November 12, 2020

little girl Christmas gift guide

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Kourtney is five and this is the first year that she actually gave me a real list of things that she wanted. She is a little sassy, super girly and things she is a teenager. She of course asked for things that she heard Jules asking for because she always likes to be like her big sister. 

BLIND BAGS- By far my kids favorite kinda gifts. Jules bought a mix of these for Kourt's birthday and the look on her face when she opened a box full of blind bags was the best thing ever. Really excited to do this again for both girls this time. The 5 surprise ones are actually super cool. They are mini versions of real foods and treats, like tiny spam boxes and soy sauce. Jules uses these in the dollhouse as the mice food. The color reveal Barbies are probably their most favorite. They collected all the little mermaids and want some Chelsea dolls this time. LOL' s are still a big hit around here and so are the cute  little Doorables.

HOVERBOARD- Only Kourt would ask for this. Her cousins have one and she absolutely loves it! We got her this helmet to go with it. 

PURSE - I found this purse on amazon and think she is going to love it. She is really into pay money right now and loves pretending she is a mommy.  It comes with some cute accessories like, play makeup, keys, a credit card, and a pretend phone. 

NECK PILLOW- unicorn neck pillow. One of the things on Jules list that she also had to have, except she really wants a rainbow unicorn one. 

FLYING FAIRY- This fairy is something she saw on a commercial and she really loved it. It's actually super fun and I think all kids of all ages would have fun playing with it. 

BALLERINA- This ballerina! I love a good heirloom doll. The quality and details on these are even better in person. I got them a few weeks ago when they were on sale and they are so pretty and such a good size. Fyi, just checked and they are still on sale! Jules is getting the red head.

HIGH HEELS- This girl loves her high heels. She wears a variation of these every single day. She loves to get herself ready and pick out a pair of heels to match her outfit. This time she is asking for some else ones that she can use with her Elsa dress. 

JACKET- I have been wanting to make my kids one of these for a while just haven't gotten around to it. I am getting the girls these jean jackets in a size or two up so they can get good wear out of them. These Jackets are my favorite. They are super comfy and not too stiff/thick. There are quite a few places to get patches for them and I am still unsure where I am getting theirs. I really love these Stoney Clover Lane ones but they're a bit pricy when add up 10 of them. I really love their color variety and the quality of their patches. Their sparkling cider color is my favorite.  I also found these on Etsy but they don't have all the letters I need. I can always go with good old Amazon for these classic ones that I have used in the past many times and they hold up very well. 

MATCHING DOLL AND ME PAJAMAS I shared these in my stories a few days ago. The star pjs are so soft and cute. they come in toddler and big girl sizes so I grabbed them for both girls. then I found these doll pjs , or their American Girl dolls, that come in a set with a few different fun accessories. She also asked for this doll vanity which is so adorable and looks like a mini version of hers. 

UNICORN- Jules got this unicorn in a rainbow version for her birthday. Ireally love this rainbow purse one with the little tiny unicorn babies and this light up one to sleep with at night. Too many cute options. 
SNACKEEZ- Have you heard of these? My kids saw these advertised on a commercial once and tell me how cool they are because they can have snacks and a drink at the same time. It's a cup that has a little compartment on the top that you can fill with snacks. I was surprised at how hard these were to get a hold of in the colors I wanted. I was able to find the pink and the blue here.

BEAN BAG-  So fun! I think I am just as excited about these as my girls. Both girls asked for one. I  Snagged these super fluffy ones. I grabbed then the second I saw them go on sale. 

PRINCESS LAPTOP- She got this for her birthday and loves it so much! Highy recommend We like to use it for homeschool too for letter recognition which also helps her learn the keyboard as well. 

DINKUM DOLL- another birthday gift that was the biggest hit! Both girls absolutely love this doll and fight over her all day long. She's just too adorable and comes with a ton of really cute accessories. Kourt got the brush and bottle plus this mini suitcase for her birthday and will be getting this tutu dress for Christmas. 

UGG SLIPPERS- Jules and Kourt both asked for slippers like mine because they are always walking around trying to steal mine. I have these exact ones in a leopard version. I got both girls a size up so they can last them a little longer.

BARBIE CAMPER- My girls love playing Barbies together. I think they have every Barbie available but really wanted to add this to their collection. 

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