Monday, April 11, 2022

Wonderland Math

I have shared our love of Wonderland Math on my instagram a few times before and I always get so many questions about it. I am finally sitting down and going to answer the most asked questions and give as much info about it here.  Before I start I'll give you a little background about Jules. She is 9 years old and started Wonderland Math when she was 8. Her favorite subject is  math and she is pretty good at it. She easily picks up concepts and understands how and why things are done but she needed to build her confidence. During second grade, when she was doing virtual school from home, I noticed that she was always questioning herself and getting stressed when her teacher was asking her questions, especially when she was testing. As a mom, I wished I could help her but I sat back and tried my best to encourage her and calm her down. After a few months of doing school from home I realized the problem was not only the confidence but she needed to be quicker with simple math facts. 

When I was introduced to Wonderland Math I knew this tutoring program would be the perfect fit for Jules. Wonderland Math is an interactive learning activity that combines live tutoring with an engaging, story-based curriculum. It is made for 2nd-5th graders. We were in the market for a program and loved that this was the only program that offered an online experience where kids get to learn with friends. I also loved that the classes were small and Jules got lots of time with her teacher.  The teacher is the same each week  which helps determine your child’s progress and areas for improvement. One thing I was really impressed with was the personalized email that you receive each week from their teacher with a quick brief on what they learned, what your child might need more help with and always a little something encouraging. Those emails have been helpful for not only me but for Jules too. I can see that the extra motivation and kind words help boost her confidence.

Jules is currently on month 5 of tutoring and loves everything about it. I love seeing her have fun, get excited to see her new friends each week and she has the sweetest teacher that is always encouraging her. Jules thrives in smaller groups just like this and looks forward to her class each week. 

some commonly ask questions

What day and time is class? It varies for everyone depending on what works best for you and your schedule. They'll also factor in what grade level your going do. We do Tuesdays and 5pm. 

How much does it cost? The monthly fee is $99 but you can try the first month for only $1 and can cancel anytime.

How long is the class?
Each class runs for an hour.  

Do they need a laptop? nope, Jules does her class on her iPad. The program is run through zoom so it's super user friendly and southing most kids know how to use already since they did virtual last year. 

You can find more information here 

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