A B O U T . M E

Hello + welcome to our blog. 
I'm Karissa; wife to Jason and
mommy to Julianne + Kourtney + Jackson 
See a theme? Yup, we are that family with coordinating J+K names.

Welcome to a little j+k!

I am a 34 year old who met her soulmate at 17 and was married by 22. I graduated with a degree in art with an emphasis in design and left my child care job to pursue my love of decorating and cake design. I enjoyed designing and sculpting unique cakes for some pretty amazing clients but knew it was time to move on when Jason and I decided to start our family. 

We welcomed our Julianne Sofia into our family in 2012. My life was forever changed and I instantly fell in love with this curly redhead of mine. Yup, red head. The most asked question is where she gets her hair from. Jason and I both have family with red hair. She will always have a special place in my heart and the years we spent alone together will forever be cherished. 

We were soon expecting our second and hoped and prayed we would have another little redheaded girl. We were blessed with our Koko butt, Kourtney Jay, in 2015. She was the missing piece to our family that we never even knew was missing. 

After Kourtney, we quickly  knew we wanted to add to our family. We welcomed our first son, Jackson Jett in 2017,  to our J+K crew. I was so nervous about having boy since all we knew were girls but he is the sweetest little addition to our family. He is all boy, wild, crazy, daring, but oh so loved and spoiled. He can do no wrong to us girls. It's for sure been a wild ride but so rewarding. There really is nothing like our mother son love. 

My kids complete me in a way I never thought possible & I'm so thankful I have an amazing husband that works hard so I can be a stay at home mom and cherish these special moments with them. This blog is a way for me to document my mommy journey; my love for design, diy, birthdays and holidays; my obsession with twinning my girls; and all my adventures with my j+k babes.

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